Cleaning the Cat Litter Tray


Cats are fastidiously fussy about cleanliness, both their own and their environment. They won’t for instance, settle for a litter tray that’s next to their food or bed, and will react as they see fit when confronted with a tray that they don’t like the look or smell of.

So, despite seemingly being

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Homemade Cat Litter for Urine Collection


Homemade cat litter works well for everyday use.  It’s cheap, keeps most cats happy and is effective. It also works well if you need to collect urine for diabetic monitoring or other reasons.

Your pet cat only needs to scratch something after peeing to feel the job has been done properly. This means

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Testing Cat Urine at Home


Feline urine tests using multiple instead of the standard 2 pad stick, provide a wealth of knowledge if you are keen to know more about your cats health.

How to prepare a cat’s multipad dipstick:

  1. Before you remove the dipstick from the bottle, read the instructions!
  2. The dipsticks need to be kept cool
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Coping With Feline Diabetes at Home


o unfortunately, your beautiful pet cat has feline diabetes.  But you can make  a big impact on her recovery by consistent, quality monitoring and tests.

Monitoring feline diabetes treatment at home

By the time you need to begin monitoring Fluffy’s progress in your cat friendly home, your vet will have already discussed your options

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How To Remove Cat Urine


Knowing how to remove cat urine from your home can appear impossible.  This section covers permanent removal of cat urine odor and stains using homemade or commercial solutions.

Why is your cat peeing on your furniture?

I realise that you have arrived here to find some Feline Friendly ways for removing cat urine. But before

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Removing Cat Pee Odour


Cat Urine Odour is always a message and never a mistake.  Watch out for  your feline friend’s wellbeing while you begin feline urine cleaning!

Ok, so you got the pee-mail message – cat urine on the wall, floor or carpet, clothes or sports bag.  Your cat has urinated on something other than the

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