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Caring for a Diabetic Cat

Owning and caring for a diabetic feline can be time-consuming, moderately expensive, but very worthwhile. Visiting the vet is only the beginning…

Bringing ‘Fluffy’ Home

So you have been to the vet and understand the challenges faced by your cat friendly

How To Train a Cat

Cats learn naturally and, like humans, they learn differently. But can you train a cat like you would train a dog? Well, yes and no. Like with dogs, the sooner you start the training, the better but, unlike dogs who often

Smart Cat Flea Treatments

Cat Flea Treatment and Control is the number one flea problem in the western world. The secret to winning is prevention…

How feline fleas behave

What you’ve heard is true!  Feline fleas have displaced the human and dog flea to become the most

How To Remove Cat Urine

Knowing how to remove cat urine from your home can appear impossible.  This section covers permanent removal of cat urine odor and stains using homemade or commercial solutions.

Why is your cat peeing on your furniture?

I realise that you have arrived here

Flea Proofing Your Home

Here’s how to go about feline flea proofing your home as an essential part of protecting your cat and yourself from the dangers of cat fleas.

As I am sure you know, fleas love your carpet and furnishings almost as much as

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