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How To Remove Cat Urine

Knowing how to remove cat urine from your home can appear impossible.  This section covers permanent removal of cat urine odor and stains using homemade or commercial solutions.

Why is your cat peeing on your furniture?

I realise that you have arrived here

Cat Urine Detection

Cat urine detection goes way beyond following your nose and is now in the realm of CSI

No matter how much you love Fluffy, it is still really hard to live in a home where you need to constantly spend time detecting

Testing Cat Urine at Home

Feline urine tests using multiple instead of the standard 2 pad stick, provide a wealth of knowledge if you are keen to know more about your cats health.

How to prepare a cat’s multipad dipstick:

  1. Before you remove the dipstick from the

Removing Cat Pee Odour

Cat Urine Odour is always a message and never a mistake.  Watch out for  your feline friend’s wellbeing while you begin feline urine cleaning!

Ok, so you got the pee-mail message – cat urine on the wall, floor or carpet, clothes or

How To Train a Cat

Cats learn naturally and, like humans, they learn differently. But can you train a cat like you would train a dog? Well, yes and no. Like with dogs, the sooner you start the training, the better but, unlike dogs who often

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