Putting the Friendly Back Into Feline Care

As a cat veterinarian, you are already very skilled.  Adapting and adopting to Feline Friendly culture in your practice is a journey. But it is like a quadruple bypass.  After the surgery is performed, your life and energy take on a whole new level of engagement.

What’s the difference?

It’s all about the experience you, your team, the clients and cat experience.  Compare the next two videos.  Which is closer to the ease in with you all experience a visit to the vet?

I’m very sad to say that the scene in this first video is more common than you may imagine.  While it’s extreme, and there may be some extenuating circumstances, the cat is clearly very distressed and the vet and owners ALL feel threatened.

This may not be your experience. But if it is, there are things that can be done to prevent this situation both at home and at the clinic. Even if a feline patient is only frightened and recoiling you have a situation that does not inspire confidence, in you, the owner AND the cat.

Experience The Feline Friendly in Vet Medicine

Now look at this video.  Even though I am conducting a full examination, notice how calm the cat is. This is a 100% occurrence in my practice because we have instituted various steps that keep the cat calm and happy, while minimising intrusive examinations.  And no – there are no drugs keeping this happy cat sedated!

What cat owners want.  The benefits of making a change

The subjects that concern people who allow cats into their houses and hearts are things like: