Cat Urine Odour is always a message and never a mistake.  Watch out for  your feline friend’s wellbeing while you begin feline urine cleaning!

Ok, so you got the pee-mail message – cat urine on the wall, floor or carpet, clothes or sports bag.  Your cat has urinated on something other than the litter tray, and you want to get rid of the cat pee smell.

But before going into the details of how to remove cat urine smell from your favorite piece of furniture or the carpet, you will need to understand the characteristics of cat urine, why it smells like it does and why getting rid of cat urine is not meant to be easy!

There are many serious products that are cat urine eliminators.

So serious in fact that they even come with names like  Serious / Extreme / Super /Eliminator / Neutralizing and Nature’s Miracle.

And they all call themselves Cat Urine Removers!

Why is removing cat urine odour so hard?

Whenever you are cleaning cat urine from anywhere, the process and product has to overcome several evolutionary strategies that our feline friends have developed as a crucial part of their social messaging system over the millennia.

I reckon they were the true Social Networking pioneers because  neutralizing that distinctive cat pee tang, requires focus and intention – a bit like getting yourself off FaceBook!.

In short, when a cat urinates outside the litter box, and especially onto a vertical surface, they are trying desperately to get your attention, another cat’s attention, or to console themselves out of a frustration or perceived threat.

Cat urine marking or spraying (especially a male cat spraying) is an evolved strategy to leave a message for other cats. It really is designed to get attention. There is a protein in the urine called Felinine.  As it degrades and cleaves off sulphur molecules, it actually makes the smell of cat urine get stronger over several hours – like a primitive timer!

The intact male cat urine odour is so strong because he has a high level of the Felinine protein in the urine.  His Cat Urine Odour Control (and smellier is better for boys!) is determined by the amount of this protein in the urine.  Healthy male cats will have much stronger smelling urine than neutered cats.

The protein is part of the pheromone system – truly an interesting type of pee-male)!  Additionally, the fatty acids in the cat urine makes it sticky enough to stay on a tree in the wind and rain for three weeks!

So no wonder your cat peeing on your carpet, wooden floors and even on your bathroom tiles is so hard to remove!

So, in order to remove cat urine from any surface, but particularly the porous, fabric-type surfaces, a cat urine cleaner must dissolve the fatty acids, break up the felinine protein and then suspend the results in water in order to be washed away (This is how ‘Nature’s Miracle’ works).

Some of the cat urine stain and odour removal products are designed to just seep into the urine stains and break up the smelly bits without being rinsed away (e.g. Urine Off or Urine Free Cat strength).

So now you know the why…

It will help you to know how to remove the cat pee smell