Eliminating Travel Anxiety


Would you rather have root canal dental treatment than transport your cat in a carrier?  Are you both suffering from cat travel anxiety?  Help is at hand, but it does rely on your efforts.

Getting your cat into a pet carrier takes just a little preparation

Your pet cat needs your help to

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Identifying Cat Stress Symptoms


Cat stress symptoms are often a deceptively subtle way of telling you that there is an underlying behavioral or medical problem.

Cats really prefer things to stay the same, and they are usually very unsubtle about indicating their displeasure.  Introducing a new anything – from another pet to another human, even new furniture

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Cat Boarding – Why You Need To Get It right


Cat Boarding isn’t a subject that should be taken lghtly. We are a much more well-travelled society than we used to be, depsite cat-ownership also being at record levels, and this means we are also increasingly likely to have the need for a cat boarding facility at some point

Any change to a

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