Cat Boarding isn’t a subject that should be taken lghtly. We are a much more well-travelled society than we used to be, depsite cat-ownership also being at record levels, and this means we are also increasingly likely to have the need for a cat boarding facility at some point

Any change to a cat’s environment is potentially very stressful for the animal. They may look nonplussed and uninterested most of the time, but that’s simply because they know their surroundings and are comfortable in the knowledge that everything will always be where it should be. Take a cat out of that quite literal comfort zone and, if not done sensitively and with the cat’s welfare at the forefront of the choice of boarding, they will quickly become very stressed. Where most dogs have a tendancy to retire within themselves when confronted with significant change, many cats become increasingly agitated and aggressive, will stop eating and will have a tendency to overgroom in the belief that it will take the stress away.

Studies show that cats spend over 90% of their time either resting or sleeping  but, when suddenly confronted with other cats or a boarding cage that doesn’t give them enough room, their activity levels increase significantly. Perhaps surprisingly, however, the size of the cage isn’t as important as the cat not being able to see or have any kind of contact with other cats. If a cat feels safe and secure, with no threat from other cats, it will quickly adapt to its new temporary home, and will quickly settle into the pattern of 90% rest that it has at home.

Even though isolation is important, there are other things to consider. Cats are – no surprises here – fastidiously clean animals, and are far happier with separation between food, bed and toilet. So, although cage size may be secondary to visual threats and distractions, a larger, custom built cage will mean the catwill not only have the horizontal space it needs, but preferably the vertical space that is more in keeping with its instinctive environment.

Cats live vertically, and only ever hit the ground when there’s no other way of getting from A-B. That doesn’t mean they need 10m of vertical space to be able to move into, but it is hugely beneficial for them to be able to compartmentalise their new home and sometimes just to stretch their legs! Larger, multi-level cages also mean that it may be possible to accommodate a bed or other comfort from home that will help the animal to settle quicker.

The Chatswood Cat Palace has premium, multi-level, custom designed Kitty Cabanas that provide the best cat boarding experience possible, short of a temporary foster home with already familiar people. Plenty of space is available to the cat, with no contact being possible with other cats, and means they can settle very quickly.

Unlike us, if we go to a hotel and it isn’t quite what we expect, cats don’t have the option of “making the best of it”, they get no say in things. Because of that, it’s vital that you get your cat boarding choice right for both you and you cat.