Feline Friendly Shopping

Here, you can buy Dr Kim Kendall’s guides to owning and living with a cat. The cat will always have power of veto over everything you do, naturally, but these guides will help to smooth your path to coming second in everything.

  • Can you speak cat? Is she talking and you just aren’t hearing?

    Discover how your cat…

    • Trains you to behave properly.
    • Teaches you their language.
    • Maintains control.
    • Takes advantage of you.
    • Tells you they’re getting sick.
    • Delivers Pee Mail status updates.
    • Expresses anxiety.
    • Would prefer their tray to be cleaned
    • Really embraces structure
    • Needs to be the center of attention
    Available in easy to read PDF format
  • Experience a new way of living happily with your pet cat

    Human-cat wellbeing…

    • Outsmart the inevitable blackmailing
    • Live comfortably with allergies
    • Introducing your new baby.
    • Keeping your cat cool
    • Fun and safe transport
    • Friendly washing
    • Finding, killing and making fleas flee
    • How to find Feline Friendly boarding
    • Becoming a vegetarian cat
    • Cat-human diseases
    Available in easy to read PDF format
  • Keep your cat fit, and even a little fat and contented

    Fit and Fat? Really?

    • The secrets to feline longevity
    • Moving house
    • The impact of dry foods
    • How to tell how old your cat is
    • The perils of getting older
    • Dealing with high blood pressure
    • Solving fish breath problems
    • Why is my cat vomiting fur or food?
    • How to tell if your cat has diabetes
    • Starting your senior cat care
    Available in easy to read PDF format
  • All 3 of the Cats Revealed: trilogy in one easy step!You can choose between a ZIP file containing PDF copies of all 3 books, or you can have all 3 in a single printed book, all in glorious colour!FREE SHIPPING!
  • Cats can, unfortunately suffer from various debilitating conditions, particularly – but not always – as they get older.This book shows you quick and easy ways of collecting urine samples when required. The information is especially useful if your feline has diabetes or other conditions that require regular testing, but also has lots of great tips and advice for many other problems.Available in PDF for immediate download