Managing Care For an Elderly Cat


A senior cat care plan has specific challenges for you to address – just like the ageing human population!  And, like us, prevention is better than the cure…

The types of problems senior cats experience

There are the ‘young old’ who have few health issues despite being of advanced years. And there are the

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When and Why Your Cat Should be Neutered


Vets neuter cats for medical and social reasons.  Whatever your motivation it is an essential part of your pet cat’s health and wellbeing.

Neutering cats is not just an effective way to make sure there are no kitten-surprises every few months.  It improves the cats health and wellbeing and for outside cats can

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Eliminating Travel Anxiety


Would you rather have root canal dental treatment than transport your cat in a carrier?  Are you both suffering from cat travel anxiety?  Help is at hand, but it does rely on your efforts.

Getting your cat into a pet carrier takes just a little preparation

Your pet cat needs your help to

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Cat Teeth and General Health


Removing cat teeth can have some surprising effects on feline health and wellbeing. This page introduces the idea of feline teeth removal for owners and vet professionals.

Pixie is about 4 years old and has experienced ‘young cat gingivitis’ that leads to the erosion of the enamel.  As there is nothing that can

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A Guide To Treating Cat Diabetes


The clinical and diagnostic picture for cat diabetes treatment is fraught with multiple challenges. All is not as it seems and there are many traps and tricks.

What the feline savvy vet has to explore…

Diabetes in the feline requires the same basic treatment principles as in other species, and uses either the human

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Your Cat’s First Vet Visit


A Feline Friendly vet will stand out, mainly because cats are smart enough to know who to trust and who to avoid.  If each is comfortable with the other, that’s more than half the battle already won.

If your cat is relaxed and at ease, especially when being poked, prodded and jabbed by

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