Making a Natural Cat Litter


Cleanliness is next to catliness, and sometimes a natural cat litter is best!  So how do you make a homemade tray smell and feel like shop bought?

A cat won’t go where a cat has gone before

As you will already know, cat litter can be a major household expense, and rather than try

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How to Get Rid of Fleas


If you find yourself shrieking “My Cat Has Fleas!” don’t despair.  Here’s the low down on fleas, where they’re from and how  to treat your cat and flea proof your home so they don’t come back.

Cats and a few friendly fleas have lived in harmony together for

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How To Train a Cat


Cats learn naturally and, like humans, they learn differently. But can you train a cat like you would train a dog? Well, yes and no. Like with dogs, the sooner you start the training, the better but, unlike dogs who often can’t help themselves, the degree of success when trying to train

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Cleaning the Cat Litter Tray


Cats are fastidiously fussy about cleanliness, both their own and their environment. They won’t for instance, settle for a litter tray that’s next to their food or bed, and will react as they see fit when confronted with a tray that they don’t like the look or smell of.

So, despite seemingly being

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Homemade Cat Litter for Urine Collection


Homemade cat litter works well for everyday use.  It’s cheap, keeps most cats happy and is effective. It also works well if you need to collect urine for diabetic monitoring or other reasons.

Your pet cat only needs to scratch something after peeing to feel the job has been done properly. This means

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Feeding Your Cat Healthy


Help – I’ve got a normal cat and I don’t know how to feed it!

It seems to be a pretty complex problem feeding a normal cat – and it shouldn’t be!  Cats have existed on table scraps and mice for generations, so what has changed? Why so many choices? What is PURR-fect

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Testing Cat Urine at Home


Feline urine tests using multiple instead of the standard 2 pad stick, provide a wealth of knowledge if you are keen to know more about your cats health.

How to prepare a cat’s multipad dipstick:

  1. Before you remove the dipstick from the bottle, read the instructions!
  2. The dipsticks need to be kept cool
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Flea Proofing Your Home


Here’s how to go about feline flea proofing your home as an essential part of protecting your cat and yourself from the dangers of cat fleas.

As I am sure you know, fleas love your carpet and furnishings almost as much as they love your cat!!!  And it’s not all about keeping a

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