Caring for a Diabetic Cat


Owning and caring for a diabetic feline can be time-consuming, moderately expensive, but very worthwhile. Visiting the vet is only the beginning…

Bringing ‘Fluffy’ Home

So you have been to the vet and understand the challenges faced by your cat friendly vet when assessing the

Now, how do you accommodate the outside or

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How Useful is a Diabetic Diet For Cats?


How the right diabetic cat food, including the ‘Catkins Diet’ can keep the feline pancreas in working order and support feline weight management.

The Big Picture

Feline diabetes is a difficult problem to live with, so prevention is better than having to look after a cat that needs injections twice a day.

One of the

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A Guide To Treating Cat Diabetes


The clinical and diagnostic picture for cat diabetes treatment is fraught with multiple challenges. All is not as it seems and there are many traps and tricks.

What the feline savvy vet has to explore…

Diabetes in the feline requires the same basic treatment principles as in other species, and uses either the human

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Identifying Cat Diabetes Symptoms


Cat Diabetes Symptoms vary from no outward signs to lethargy, weight loss and change of appetite, to deep coma, seizures and death. Reading the signs will make all the difference to her health and wellbeing.

What do cat diabetes symptoms look like?

There is no typical, diabetic cat, and the diagnosis usually comes as

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